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Welcome to our Web Page!

A little about us:

This web page started over ten years ago when, at the age of 40, we quit our jobs, sold everything, and moved to Alaska. Alaska was awesome, but after five years, the restlessness came back. So we quit our jobs, sold everything, and moved into a travel trailer. We spent a couple year just travelling and then joined the State Department. Our first two year assignment was in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. We are now stationed in Sydney, Australia.

A little about the page:

I am a writer and photographer so I have been writing and photographing throughout our adventures. The writing is truly the mundane details of every step along the way, but there are a few gems hidden in there. The photography, I hope, is a little less mundane (although there is some of that). I am also a computer programmer so the page demonstrates the basics of a customized web page designed to operate on a wide range of platforms. You should note that if you have a large high resolution monitor, the page intentionally maximizes the size of the image to the available space even though many of the web versions posted here, particularly those posted ten years ago, are very low resolution. If you want to really see the image I have captured, back up and take in the entire image; get your nose off the monitor. Most of my full res versions will satisfy 'pixel peepers' but I do not cater to them here.

The background images are some of the images I have captured along the way. The background is chosen at random when you load the page. I chose this set of backgrounds because I felt they had impact, but also because they could also tolerate a little stretching associated with different size viewing panes. For those using vertical oriented tablets, I apologize if they looked squished. Perhaps I will someday create a separate set of backgrounds in portrait mode, but since I look at my page on a laptop, I sometimes forget about those who view the world differently. You should note that these are higher resolution images that will likely look sharp on any screen, even with your nose up close. This also means that they load a little slower. In Congo, I can usually play a little solitaire while waiting for the background to load. You should note that you can change the background on the main menu, but you can also restore the background (clear out the photograph or journal entry you were viewing by simply clicking on the caption for the background located in the lower left corner.)

If you have scrolled down this far, good for you; you have demonstrated patience. Now start navigating. There are literally thousands of individual items to explore in this ten year project. Or simply do what most of my viewers do, stop back every couple of weeks to see what is new.

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Enter months and years and then click on either "Photos by date" or "Journal by date". The results will show up in the menu boxes to the right. If the end date is earlier than the start date, the search will return all records for the month of the start date. Search results are only updated with a click. Hovering will show you the last results. You can have different time periods for Photos and Journal shown.

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Enter a word or simple phrase in the box and then click on "Photo search" to display results in the menu box to the right. The search will look at all titles, captions, and assigned keywords for each photo. The search is not case sensitive. You should include a space after a word (e.g., if you search on bear without a space, it will return records that use the word, unbearable)

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