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This website dates back to 2005. It began after we sold our house in Ohio, quit our jobs, and got rid of almost all our possessions. This website began about the time we climbed into our one remaining vehicle with less than a trailer load of gear and headed north to Alaska. We spent five wonderful years in Alaska. We found new careers and had weekends that rivalled our previous best vacations. After five years, we decided to quit our jobs again. We began what was expected to be a short life as fulltime RVers travelling the United States and Canada as we pursued employment with the Department of State. That turned into a two year adventure before my wife made it through the recruiting hurdles. We then radically switched gears from outdoor living to the diplomatic lifestyle. We have since lived in Washington D.C., the Republic of the Congo, and Australia. We are currently taking a stateside break in Buffalo, New York. Through it all, I have written about our experiences and taken a few photographs. Those are all available here.

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